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No refunds are available for services rendered
Cancellation Policy:
( EMAIL ONLY  to from the original email address filled on the online reservation form or sent credit card authorization fax email)
(Phone Calls are not acceptable for cancellations)
We understand your travel plans may change and other circumstances may arise. With that in mind, has a very simple cancellation policy.
Just send us an email notification 4 hours within our business hours prior to your pickup time and we will give you a full refund.
Refunds normally show up on your account within 2 business days depending upon the credit card and issuing bank. will not refund payment if cancelled with less than 4 hours email notice within our business hours prior to your pickup time or in the event of a no-show.
"Time Call Reservation is the best way to go when you need transportation"
YOUR PRIVACY IS GUARANTEED! guarantees that it will not directly or through any affiliate, disclose to, sell, lease or rent to any nonaffiliated third party your e-mail address, physical address or non-public financial information, in any way whatsoever. We understand and appreciate that your privacy is important to you. This is why we are taking this bold approach to ensuring that any information provided by you to remains confidential. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to maintaining your trust every time we do business together.
All online reservations rates must match the price on the airport rates page. Expected Amount to Pay for your transportation (Rate charge will be the same as website rate). It is the customer's responsibility to determine the correct rate from the website. When a customer indicates a different rate other than the rate on the website, it will be considered as a wish rate that customer would like to be able to pay not what the actual rate is. By submitting a reservation form the customer agrees to all terms and conditions set forth by
Meet and Greet:
All customers requesting Meet and Greet transportation from the airport will meet the driver at the baggage claim carousel area.  If they can not find the driver they must call 800-893-7210 in order to locate the driver.
Curbside pick up:
Curbside Pickup option, please be advised, due to the small size and high traffic of the San Diego airport we ask passengers being picked up from the San Diego airport by to make 2 phone calls
1. make the 1st phone call (800-893-7210 or 619-200-2060) as soon as the passengers are permitted to use cell phones while still on the plane to inform us of their arrival. At that time will assign a driver to proceed to the Cell Phone Lot adjacent to the airport and wait for the passengers to collect their bags.
2. make the 2nd phone call (800-893-7210 or 619-200-2060) Once the passengers have collected bags and are ready at the curbside, a second phone call is required to call the driver to the curbside. appreciates the understanding and is sorry for the inconvenience that two phone calls might arise.
The purpose is to help reduce the high traffic at the San Diego Airport.
Airlines suggest passengers to be at the airport 2 hours prior to their flights. we recommend being at the airport at least a minimum of an hour and a half.
Because of the nature of transportation business, being on four wheels, and also not having any control over situations beyond our control, "we can not and will not guarantee to be at any destination on time, the only thing we do guarantee is to do our best".
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20% gratuity will be added to all reservations
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*Up to 4 people can ride for the same rate in a SEDAN From the same party and address reserves the right to charge for time spent other than the normal Point A to Point B Services before and or after the services have been rendered at the rate of $80.00 an hour plus 20% gratuity
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